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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Golgo-13 View Post
I would love to see a Spider-Woman film. At the present, i don't think the GA is ready for a solo female hero film; i am, but the general publuc? I don't know. I would also love to see a She-Hulk film. Every 'hero' based film/series where the female has been the lead, has been incredibly campy or just plain bad. If they find a formula that works, i say bring it. I guess that's why DC is hesitant to do Wonder Woman.

Btw, Cerina Vincent couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.
The problem is that superheroines don't appeal to men (unless sexualized) and women don't care about superheroes. Hence, they have a very limited audience.

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The more you know.
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