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Default Re: Could Superman movies be realistic like the newer Batman films

Originally Posted by moviedoors View Post
Absolutely. Nolan's Batman movies have a strong sense of verisimilitude, and that's not the same thing as reality. If this could happen, then this is how it might go.
Totally spot-on.

And I think it's important to note, that the moment Nolan adds even a hint of something farcical or which serves no purpose other than to implement some campy humour (nipples on Batman? neon lights on the Batmobile? Mr Freeze's one-liners.....) ................ his films will totally lose this sense of verisimilitude.

One thing I notice about Nolan's Batman films, is that everything has a purpose and reasoning behind it : the suit, the vehicle, the villain's motives, the plot, the lines, everything. And that what makes the films work so well. Even some of the Joker's lines and mannerisms, which seemed random and crazy, were carefully structured to convey this sense of chaos which he represented, and that worked really well against Batman's more measured & controlled speech and movements.

Although I will admit, Nolan almost lost it with that "nice coat..." line .........

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