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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
I think the hard part is finding the right audience and demographics for a Spider-Woman film. Who could a female superhero like Spider-Woman sell to?
It could sell well to the whole Twilight/ Vampire/ Buffy/ Angel/ CW fan crowd. Read the early issues of Spider-Woman. It is completely in this vein. It was probably ahead of its time. That crowd would lap this up.

The early issues are a voyage of self discovery - learning who she is, whether she is a hero or villain, whether she's moral or not, dealing with supernatural enemies who either want to destroy her or control her etc. The later issues, once she's decided she is a hero, are almost like Angel where she's a private investigator in a macabre setting of Los Angeles.

On top of that, it could also appeal to the spy fans, as it touches upon her carrying out covert missions and infiltrations.

As I said - this comic was ahead of its time. It easily feels like it could have been taken right out of this current craze with vampires and werewolves (Werewolf by Night often guest starred in Spider-Woman's comic).

And that's how different it would be to Spider-Man.

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