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Default Re: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman! NEW!

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
Would never want to sacrifice anything cool looking for practical. Not in movies. Thats what movies are for, to show something that otherwise couldnt be shown or experienced. And as Kubrick used to say, "real is good but interesting is better". If we\d think about sacrificng interesting and cool look and aesthetics for practicality, 99% of scifi movies would have to have redesigns, most of Ridley Scott's scifi movies, Star Wars etc wouldt be near what they were visually and design-wise. Terminator would be just a pile of wires with big eyeballs and jaws with gums instead of the metal skull with red eyes as well

And besides, the whole cowl itself is impractical. Both Keaton and Bale said it incredibly dilutes your perception, your awarness of depth, your vision, your hearing and its very claustrophobic so it also affects your coordination and sense of surroundings etc
Sorry, but I don't agree.

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