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Default Re: Could Superman movies be realistic like the newer Batman films

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post

And that's how I would hope they approach MOS.

I also think it helps when you make the world of the hero reflect our world - issues, social attitudes and trends, wars etc etc.

It all helps towards making us feel like this isn't just a fantasy about some hero called Superman and some town called Metropolis - but a fantasy about what it would be like if we had a hero like that in our world today.
The more I've thought about it, the more I've come to believe that the key to making a more "grounded" Superman, as it were, that might still be workable may run parallel to what Morrison is doing with "Action" right now...which is to say, referring back to the early Siegel and Shuster days of the character. Because, lower power levels notwithstanding, I think the manner in which Superman dealt with conflicts at that time and the reactions to him as portrayed in the comics of the time would synchronize rather well with how the real world of today would probably greet him; Lois Lane would probably genuinely be more awestruck-in-a-terrified-way than lovestruck the moment she sees him, the local newspaper would probably not take his existence seriously at first or at least would not be rushing to splash praise for his every deed on the front page of each edition, and the authorities would probably not welcome his "help" AT ALL. Which would add to the obstacles he would have to contend with and provide a bit more substance to temper all the CGI explosions and lens flares whoever would make such a film would doubtless be compelled to cram into it.

That's not to say that I think such a film would limit what kind of problems you could have him face, though...I mean, yeah, at a certain point he should be facing threats that he and he alone, as Superman, must contend with and that the Metropolis Police Department would be able to do jack squat against. I think even alien threats could be made to work in a more "grounded" fact, I think the more alien and potentially frightening you make a character like, say, Brainiac - as opposed to, say, a big green man in a purple suit with funny-looking nodes on his forehead - the more formidable an impression they're likely to leave on an audience that could just as easily have written off Superman as being able to handle anything you throw at him up to that point.

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