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Default Re: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman! NEW!

Originally Posted by Alex Logan View Post
This would be correct. Tired of all the fighting that goes on here and it looks like you're looking for an argument.

I'm guessing that neither of you have ever trained in any form of combat correct? Well, I have. How you train is how you will fight. If Batman was real and if he trained to fight in a cowl he could be effective.

Just look feudal japan and the samurai. They were some of greatest warlords in history. Do you think all the garb they wore slowed them down? Look up Miyamoto Musashi, he was a samurai who became so good that he stopped using a sword.

Helmet is different. I train jujitsu and kickboxing. Try fighting in a samurai helmet and then compare it to fighting in a motorcycle helmet. Theres a reason why Bale and Keaton said that the cowl is claustrophobic and diluting senses and perception

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