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Default "The Truth: Red, White And Black"

I've just decided to get the graphic novel of this miniseries, in which Cap discovers that he is(albeit unwitting)a beneficiery of a Tuskegee-style experiment in which the experimental Super-Soldier formula was first tested on a group of African American soldiers before the"perfected" serum was given to him( the soldiers of course suffered all manner of side effects including sterility and brain damage). Whilst it may be argued that in the extremity of a looming war such experimentation was justifiable(and given the racist sentiments of many in the US military "brass", predominantly Southern born, hardly surprising), how then does this make official US condemnation of pretty similiar medical conduct by German doctors and scientists( most notoriously one Joseph Mengele) at the postwar Nuremburg Tribunals( and the execution if not sentences to lengthy prison terms for several of these aforementioned doctors)? Granted, the general public may not know of this(least of all the African American community), but Cap knows. Wouldn't this tend to give the "Sentinel of Liberty" a rather gamier reputation if the truth became know?
Perhaps this aspect of Cap's background could be further explored in his title?


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