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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Golgo-13 View Post
I disagree. Look at all the female leads withing various tv shows that have been successful; Gwen from Torchwood, the leads from series' like The Killing, Chase, The Closure. All of these actress have on thing in common; they are not hot. Reasonable good looking, but not hot. I think hot is a distraction when it comes to being believably tough. Not saying the two can't co-exist on screen, but so far all attempts have made the woman look very campy. Hollywood too often goes for the hot looking woman in hopes that it'll fill seats; they need to focus way more on the womans emotional ranges as an actress. Yes, i thnk Haylel Atwell is hot; but i thought this way back when, when i saw her in POTE; back when nobody had heard of her. She's not Maxim Magazine hot, she's just a naturally good looking woman, who caught my attention by her acting ability first.

Gotta agree, especially when it comes to Jessica Drew. Jess is *not* particularly noted as a hottie in her own right; it's just when she puts on the mask and the skintight costume and exudes the pheromones that she turns into a seductress. So no, behind the mask, I'd say the actress who plays Jess doesn't have to be supermodel beautiful; but she *should* have a body to die for.

Originally Posted by Kevin Roegele View Post
Given the low success rate of superheroine movies (Supergirl, Catwoman, Elektra, all flops) and action movies with female stars (only Mila Jovovich and Angelina Jolie can launch an action movie), and the cost of comicbook movies, it's hard to see Spider-Woman being a risk worth taking. Especially if it dilutes the Spider-Man franchise.
Uma Thurman? Kate Beckinsale? Charlize Theron? Sandra Bullock? Linda Hamilton? Lynda Carter? Demi Moore? Lucy Liu? Sigourney Weaver? Cameron Diaz? They all made bank as action heroines.

And Spider-Woman doesn't need to "dilute" the Spider-Man franchise. If the studios wanted to avoid confusion and/or legal entanglements, Jess could simply go by Arachne, as someone mentioned above (since she used that alias previously).

But as far as Marvel properties that can stand on their own as solo projects, no, I don't think Spider-Woman is one of the better choices. I'd rather see her in an ensemble role as an Avenger, which she's been more famous for in the comics anyway.


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