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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Gotta agree, especially when it comes to Jessica Drew. Jess is *not* particularly noted as a hottie in her own right; it's just when she puts on the mask and the skintight costume and exudes the pheromones that she turns into a seductress. So no, behind the mask, I'd say the actress who plays Jess doesn't have to be supermodel beautiful; but she *should* have a body to die for.

Uma Thurman? Kate Beckinsale? Charlize Theron? Sandra Bullock? Linda Hamilton? Lynda Carter? Demi Moore? Lucy Liu? Sigourney Weaver? Cameron Diaz? They all made bank as action heroines.

And Spider-Woman doesn't need to "dilute" the Spider-Man franchise. If the studios wanted to avoid confusion and/or legal entanglements, Jess could simply go by Arachne, as someone mentioned above (since she used that alias previously).

But as far as Marvel properties that can stand on their own as solo projects, no, I don't think Spider-Woman is one of the better choices. I'd rather see her in an ensemble role as an Avenger, which she's been more famous for in the comics anyway.

Her pheremones didn't only kick in when she was Spider-Woman. They were working all the time. In the early comics, everyone was always gaping at her as Jessica Drew and calling her pretty lady etc. She was always known for being a looker as Jessica. She just became even sexier once she was Spider-Woman because of the ultra skin-tight costume that accentuated every curve of her taut body.

And when you say she's more famous for her role as an Avenger, I'm guessing you mean with modern audiences who haven't read a comic beyond the last 10 years. She's far more known as a solo heroine. It's like saying that Spider-Man is known for being an Avenger and wanting him as part of the team if people had only started reading recently and thought that he was one of the big team members, like Wolvie.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
The success of Iron Man at the movies is proof that you don't have to have a strong mythos, rogues gallery or supporting cast.

Honestly, the best way I could see introducing Jessica Drew into the film universe:

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.

There is so much that could be done with a movie like that. Show Col. Fury as the lynchpin of the MFU. Introduce the modern HYDRA revival (minus the goofy green uniforms, of course....I'd be all for a variant of the CA:TFA WWII costumes), and introduce Jess as a tool of HYDRA, only being rescued and turned to SHIELD by the end of the film.
Jessica doesn't need to be part of the modern Hydra revival. Like Captain America, she's a woman out of time. She should be part of the original wartime Hydra. I think she might actually be even older than Cap - more like early 20th century, if Hydra were kicking around then. She just ages more slowly because of her body chemistry, and because she was in suspended animation for decades.

If you wanted to introduce her in another hero's movie, the place to do it would be a Captain America sequel in a flashback scene. Although she's not connected with him at all, she's connected with Hydra. They could just have a cameo to plant a seed of her existence, but not necessarily connect it to the main Captain America plot at all. All it would be is a young girl undergoing some kind of radiation treatment, but most people wouldn't get who she is meant to be, except for a throwaway line calling her Jessica. It would be pretty much like that Human Torch cameo.

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