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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Why not?
The movie already has Joker as the main villain while showcasing the rise and fall of Dent/Twoface. Do you really need Scarecrow to return for 20 min or at all ? Eventhough the cameo didn't bother me much. But you could've replaced Crane with any other drug dealing criminal and it wouldn't have been any different.

It ended up being a cameo. They decided to make it a cameo. Crane's apparition being a cameo wasn't a pre-conceived mandatory thing to be.
Which was a smart move b/c I don't like this take on Scarecrow. The less of this Scarecrow the better. Besides Ledger's Joker was more interesting than what Murphy cooked up for Scarecrow in both films.

The comics have done great things with Crane also. Which was what I was expecting.
That's true. But I wasn't expecting much from this Scarecrow. So a cameo was enough for me. There's always the rumored Batman reboot. To explore more of Scarecrow.

Yeah, it's like the old joke, 'food here is terrible,' 'yeah, and they serve such small portions!'

But instead of being happy because I got little of what was crappy (I also didn't like this version or Murphy's superficial acting), I'd have prefered to have a lot of a good take on Scarecrow.
Me too. But I knew that wasn't going happen with Nolan watering down the character. Like I said there's always that reboot.

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