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Default Re: Official Clark Gregg/Agent Coulson Support Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Vader View Post
*crosses fingers* Coulson spin-off, Coulson spin-off, Coulson spin-off.
When I asked Gregg in one of my occasional tweets when the Phil Coulson: Agent of SHIELD movie was coming out, he replied, "Working on it." Now it could have been Tease a Fangirl day on Twitter, but he also confirmed to me that Coulson wasn't going to be killed off by Whedon before saying so in an interview. So it's possible that our favorite agent is being prepped for further adventures.

My hope would be for an X Files with superbeings format that would have Agent Coulson leading SHIELD's efforts to track and control super-powered menaces around the world. It could be a sort of action comedy and serve to introduce a lot of the lesser-known characters from the Marvel Universe to the general audience.

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