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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by Gold Samurai View Post
Doctor Rodrigo

Arkham Asylum's psychologist for the criminally insane

Next week you have an appointment with Victor Fries

Mr. Freeze. I've been thinking about him lately, as I've been writing a script

To start. I'd say his main basis for being a criminal is love...bear with me Its love for his wife. She is the reason why he does what he does. But its not just love, its a deep obsession with her very being. To see the person you revolve your life around, frozen between life and death, never being able to talk to her, never being able to hold her, never being able to resume your normal life again must be shattering.

Freeze is clearly obsessed with getting Nora better, you could interpret that as the healer within him, being a doctor, but it has more to do with a deep burning love he has for her and the happiness she brought him.

So, delving into his childhood. Fries would seem very depressed in youth, obviously from a lack of love. If he has that yearning for happiness with Nora, that would tell me he was unhappy as a kid. He was a doctor and scientist, proabally branded a bookworm and was made an outcast. In that, I sense Fries didn't care for friends, just his training to be a doctor. He was lonely and longed for companionship, but his wanting to be a doctor helped him through that, took his mind up.

When he talks as Freeze, very depressingly poetic, tells me he was a fan of poems. Edgar Allan Poe wrote about pain and suffering, and later about love, and then about the pain in that! So Fries read up on them, and perhaps wrote his own based on Poe's work...boy, was he misreable or what? Even being a doctor, he would have known about the life and death elements of his job.

But Fries was specifficaly a cryo expert. The hope of a life never ending whilst in hibernation until a cure could be found. So what THAT tells me, whilst he was depressive, he clung onto the hope that he would find a happy life. Poems can be about beauty and tragedy, Fries read up on both. The joys of being a doctor and saving lives, and the tragedy of being a doctor and failing to save them.

Fries cared about the people, he was a good person. He never let anything get in his way from following his passion, and that was to save peoples lives.

Obviously, his priority slightly changed when he met Nora, the thing he has been waiting and searching His dedication for his job went into her, when she became ill, turning into obsession. So if becoming a criminal to save her was what he had to do, its what he would do.

BUT NOW Why become a criminal? Why turn your back on the people you were trying to save? Why throw away your humanity?

Pain...As I said before. Just imagine your greatest love, your entire reason for living, was encased in a see through coffin for you to see everyday. Trying to fathom the pain she must be going through, coupled together with your own. You feel her pain, but she cant feel yours. You want her back, but you cant get her. Thats bad enough...but then an accident manifests your feelings to the surface. Physical and mental pain.

Freeze is cold to humanity, because it no longer matters to him, he can never get back an ounce of his happy life, until he cures Nora. His love and dedication for humanity turned into a tragic obsession about himself and his wife.

So the job of being a doctor to help people was always second to the happy loving life he yearned for.

Freeze not only wants to save his Nora, but he also wants to save himself. So that hope he clung onto, is whats spurns him...the hope for happiness he could only find in love. Quite sad

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