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Default Re: Let's Watch Spider-Man 3 Again and Find Positive Things To Say About It

A lot of people mention that Venom was the weak link in this film, but honestly I kind of enjoyed the black suit stuff, no matter how bizarre it was at some points.

Honestly I think the weakest part of the movie was all of the Sandman stuff. He could have been replaced with literally any of the other small time villains and the movie would have been the same or improved.

Assume that we were to replace him with Shocker. They could say that he was an accomplice of the original killer and that he escaped. Maybe slightly suggest that it could have been Shocker who killed Ben, stole the car, and picked up the killer. (The killer screws him over and drives away alone, leaving Herman behind) Peter blows it out of proportion, beats the absolute living hell out of Shocker (to the point of severe medical care) and Shocker is taken away by paramedics.

Peter then finds out that it really was the other guy, but at this point Pete doesn't care. He continues being a badass/weirdo. Mary Jane ends up with Harry permanently and Pete basically ends up alone. Venom kidnaps MJ without knowing this and Peter and Harry rush to save her. Herman is broken out of prison by Venom (Brock knows he wants revenge) and they all battle on top of the skyscraper (WITHOUT the damn reporters). Harry is there to save his girlfriend, Peter is there to save his lost love, and they are begrudgingly working together because they both want the same this: MJ's safety.

Harry could live or die, either would be an acceptable outcome, but I simply cannot believe his character turn to rushing right to Parker's side after hating him for two movies.

Your thoughts?

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