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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
statistically, when's the last time a female superhero story succeeded? Tomb Raider? I hope the lessons are learned from the other films that have bombed, like Supergirl..
Never. Hollywood keeps trying to play up the 'sexy' angle. I woman doesn't have to be all glamoured up to come off as strong and sexy. Looks are'nt nearly as important as practicality in pulling off a believable Heroine. Like i noted before, the female lead from The Killing; Gwen from Torchwood; the lead in NBC's Chase. All these woman were extremely believable heroines that weren't concerned about the make-up and tight pants. Look at female MMA fighters like the ones who fight in Strikeforce; Gina Carano, Misha Tate. Guys will find woman hot regardless....

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