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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Nice analysis of the frosty one, Rodrigo
Thanks mate

Scarecrow now?


To begin with, Scarecrow is a villain we can define as evil. Evil through his pure cruel nature. Sympathetic also, maybe?

He was bullied as kid and rejected by a girl he longed for, executing his revenge by wearing a Scarecrow costume, which resulted in the paralysis of the bully and the death of the girl. Did he feel remorse? NOOO. He enjoyed his actions, putting him on the path of the guy we know today. What he did was out of hatred. The enjoyment of cruelty he must have experienced during and after the accident.

Its a fact that when the mind goes through strong feelings of guilt, it denies and protects itself of the responsibility, resulting in furthering, perhaps to a lesser extent, of the previous actions committed before. So could Crane have felt so guilty that his mind snapped and he could only continue with the life he now created because he knew he couldn't resume his normal life? NO! He was motivated by anger and hatred. It obviously began with the bullying and rejection, sad for him, but he had no right to do what he did. Perhaps he didn't intend to kill, but he did enjoy the result of his actions and didn't have one ounce of remorse, pure mailice.

He frightened the guy, causing the car to crash, and enjoyed what happened. It was through his actions. He loved what fear had caused for the people he hated. For the first time, he wasn't the victim, the power of fear had craeted victims for him. He saw the power in it, he saw that through fear, he was a God. The image of the Scarecrow was what people were going to know where the power of their fear was coming from. Enjoying the results of his cruelty by scaring people to death. Yup, Scarecrow is evil alright.

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