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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

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It's not that Spider-Woman has a Hydra origin now. She always did have a Hydra origin (see Marvel Spotlight #32, Feb 1977). She was recruited and mentored by Count Otto Vermis (a high ranking Hydra commander) once she came out of suspended animation, and sent on secret missions to assassinate Fury and target Ben Grimm. I think even the High Evolutionary might've had potential Hydra ties.

When Viper appeared, I think there was even reference made to Jessica's Hydra background and even a hint back then that Viper might be Jess's mother. I'll have to dig out my old comics sometime.

The recent Spider-Woman Origins comic only tried to retcon and merge certain elements to reconcile different slightly accounts, but I feel that it made things even more confused, and certain things were just inconsistent and names slightly wrong. I don't see what was so difficult to accept before that Jessica had been falsely told that she was evolved from a spider (like other animals by the High Evolutionary on Wundagore) but that in fact (as later told) she had just been given special radiation treament and spider blood when she was sick. Hydra were known for their deception, so it's not difficult to believe they would've brainwashed her with ideas.
you are only going to get 2 hours max for a movie and you will need to drop/change/and yes make up somethings from the comics. the best story is her being a Hydra agent that goes rouge after finding out the truth about he past.

if we were to make comic movies like you want the first superman movie would have sucked. also what about blade, what we got in the movie wasn't what was in the comics.

Spider-Woman will be no different, they will drop things and change things for the movie to tell a story that gets it right not panel for panel from the comics.

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What made Hawkgirl so much more deserving of a spotlight than Aquaman? The answer is her vagina--
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