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Originally Posted by The Navigator View Post
Looks like ****ing garbage.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I'm kidding, of course, it looks fantastic! Yeah, the wood looks a little off--maybe more of a smoother finish--but still some very nice bits, particularly the reflection of the notepad and the dead bulb in the corner.

Do you prefer either 3D modeling or hand-drawn stuff, or is there a preference?
Lol thanks! I just recently found how to create soft reflections in Maya so I'm going to redo this scene and make it look much better. I'm also scrapping global illumination and doing all of my illumination through point lights. I get a much more controlled and realistic look.

I think I like them equally. I love drawing but it's usually a lot more tedious than 3d design. Although the problem with 3d are the numerous glitches and bugs in Maya that drive you insane when you are trying to work. I'm still chipping away at my illustration book, but I've taken some time to dedicate to 3d stuff as well. Me and a buddy are starting a small gaming company and our first focus will be on graphics and environment design. We're using UDK but all of our objects are made Maya and then textured in Mudbox, Painter X, and Photoshop. He's doing the tech stuff in UDK and I'm covering the art design.

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