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Default Re: Could Superman movies be realistic like the newer Batman films

As much as I loved (first one especially) the Superman movies (I was 14 when S:TM came out)

Even back then I wondered things like;
  • If Clark is at work all day and Superman is sorting things out at night and sometimes sneaking off during the daytime. When does he sleep or eat or relax?
  • Why was he accepted so readily?
  • Why does Kal-El have this ongoing need to protect humanity?
  • How come the police don't arrest him as a vigilante?
  • How can you stop all the bad things from happening?
  • Who is going to remove that boat from the middle of the street (Actually never-mind, it was a great visual!)
I'm all for grounding Superman more into the real world. But he is a more "fantastic" character than any other Superhero around, mostly because of his nature and the type of powers he has. But I believe it can be done. First thing is to remove all goofball humour. Not saying there should be no humour, but I don't ever want to see any waddling penguin toys on fire ever again...

With the latest incarnation of Superman arriving, I'd like to see certain things addressed...

Why does nobody else know about Kal-El's landing on Earth?
We have all sorts of tracking devices that are capable of detecting an event of this kind.

Why take up a mantle of Humanity's protector?
(Just because Jor-El says so will not be sufficient, I think audiences today are a bit more sophisticated than in 1978 and would like something with a bit more depth. Or maybe I am projecting my own feelings on the matter)
I'd like to see Kal-El as a young man discovering that the World is often a dangerous, nasty and sometimes downright cruel place and over time coming to the conclusion he could make a difference for the better.

Why choose to live and work among people?
Would it not be more efficient to actually be Superman all the time and do away with being Clark altogether? It's not like he needs to hold down a job to pay the bills or anything like that.

How does he choose which events to intervene in?
As I have gotten older, this question has become more and more relevant. Is it the scope/danger of the event? If two things are happening at once and on the one hand, 10 people will die. But in the other event, 200 people will die. Should he intervene in the latter event? Does it matter the type of people being saved? The 200 may be convicts and the 10, children. Who should he choose to save? And should these choices have a moral and/or emotional effect on him?

What about Humanity's reaction to him?
Someone as powerful as Superman could cause panic to many people. They might well not believe his motives, certainly at the beginning. Would the police etc. just stand idly by and let this alien interfere in the affairs of Humanity? Would there not be debates among local law enforcement agencies and perhaps even at Governmental and/or International levels about what to do about this person? Surely If Superman does not have some sort of official recognition for what he does, then in the eyes of the law he must be considered to be a vigilante.

There must also be seen, consequences of his actions. Both to him and to us.
If we get a Superman movie Universe as well done as Nolan's Batman, we will be doing well.

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