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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Not gonna lie, I kind of knew something like this was coming when they said that Judd Winick would be writing Catwoman. This is the guy who threw in a random minion to casually have a sexual relationship with Talia, because Hey! Why the heck not? One of his flaws as a writer, which is a shame, is his tendency to throw sex into a story. Not so much romance, mostly just sex. He writes pretty good dialogue, and some of his work, especially Under the Red Hood, is good. But the second he started slipping the word "sexy" into every sentence during his interview about the book, you could practically hear the crazyiness coming around the bend.

I personally hope that Nolan's Catwoman has a bit more class. I prefer the classic femme-fatale versus the new crazy cat lady. I know that the character's got a fun, sultry personality, I just think that fewer writers today can tackle that side of the character without jumping off the slippery slope. And given Nolan's track record, I expect Catwoman will be a bit more faithful to the character.

And it's not just Catwoman's actions that make me not pick up the book, it's Batman's as well. She (now, yet again, and why the heck are we repeating this?!?) doesn't know who Batman is, and he's now the type of a$$-h0le to take advantage of her now less-seductive-more-horny characterization, because now, apparently, he's got the impulse control of Green Arrow and the manners of a dog in at least two DCnU books, this and Detective Comics. And it's because of these changes in the status quo (not the continuity, which was left mostly in tact for Batman) that I refuse to buy most of the new 52's Batman line-up. Scott Snyder seems to be the only Batman writer to ignore this development, and his book rocks! I get that American society and pop-culture has gotten a lot more accustomed to reckless sex, but I thought DC's character's had standards. If I wanted to read about people making foolish decisions because its "cool", I'd read Green Arrow. Or 90% of Marvel.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Anyways, I'm hoping the Dark Knight Rises has some sequences between Selina Kyle and Miranda Tate, partially just to see the two female leads in the same scene, and partially to see two of Batman's great love interests ( a term that implies much more intimacy than simply participating in the horizontal mambo together) interact if Tate is in fact Talia. Who's with me?

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