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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by genraider View Post
I hold no respect for anyone who starts going on about how it's "disrespectful" or "exploitive" or any of that crap. These comics are great, and I happen to like seeing Catwoman drawn extremely sexily and wanting to get it on with Batman. Not only is it telling a side of the character that's been implied for 25 years but never explicitly told, the story overall is great.

I hate feminists, feminism, and wimpy men who act like they had all of the testosterone sucked out of their body. Those are the only types of people I've seen hate on this comic, and good grief I cannot accurately say how much I dislike them without going into a lot of expletives.
I'm not a feminist or wimpy man, and I'm sorry to hear you hold no respect for so many of us. It is unfortunate you couldn't come up with a real argument of your own and so had to resort to sterotypes, ad hominems, and insults.

It is possible to have a polite conversation about this, believe it or not, folks.

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