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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

*sigh* I suppose this will pop up every issue. But anyway. About the reboots: the world should've learned by now that continuity is the last thing stories are concerned with (and by the world, I mean the imaginary readers DC editors keep cooking up). About the sex: anyone having problems with it isn't talking about the fact that Batman and Catwoman are getting it on, they're talking about the way they're shown to be getting it on. There are much better ways to show them being intimate, hell, Long Halloween Bats was so stiff you actually hoped he and Catwoman got together and released some tension. But not like this - this was bad writing, and worse; bad writing continued. Phantasm says it best: it's exploitative.

I love how Batman is screaming dirty in one page, relaxing with his hand on his head, and then the next ZAP, he's all "serious". Right.


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