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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
Well, animals do it, too.
Stop giving ideas! (hmm... a bat...and a cat... no, I can't do it. Not even allegorically.)

Originally Posted by KRIM View Post
I was under the impression they do know who each other are. The reboot doesn't affect the Batman canon after all. If that is the case, I have no qualms with them doing the dirty however they see fit. The fetishtic and erotic subtext behind the costumes isn't a novel approach.
Yes but this isn't presented as a character study showcasing deep-rooted erotic expression, it isn't even about two characters fulfilling their mutual lust, it's two characters fulfilling the lust of readers, and done with bland mediocrity. I would be among the first to buy a book that explores the sex-life of Batman and Catwoman, but I highly doubt this is what we're getting here.

I believe reg said it best - it has done what it was set out to do; sell the first issue. It's a marketing tool. Sex sells. So does Batman. Let's add them up.

Originally Posted by genraider View Post
do you even know what ad hominem means? This argument is entirely about subjective feelings on a subject. Attacking the person and their beliefs is entirely legitimate. You should also notice I did not name a specific person nor called anyone an insult directly.
Actually you did... you specifically named an entire range of persons, who were nonexistent, implying that those who are disagreeing with the content fall under those labels - and moreover that you have no respect for those kind of people. In other words, you were attacking the people rather than what they were saying. That would fall under ad hominem. You fallacy-er.

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
The reboot is a mess: Batman is still on his fourth Robin (fifth if you count Stephanie Brown), and that Robin is his son by Talia. But he is confronting the Joker (who beat Robin 2 to a pulp before murdering him) for the first time.

Jason Todd is still back from the dead, so the scene in which he kidnapped the Joker and challenged Batman over why he had failed to avenge his death presumably still happened. But Batman is confronting The Joker for the first time.

It annoys me.
Exactly... makes one wonder exactly what was rebooted at all.


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