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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

I've said this on DC's own boards, and I will clarify my earlier statement before attempting to discuss the actual movie, which I know most of us feel will probably have less character controversy and more awesomeness than we can really grasp right now.

By most standards, my personal beliefs and opinions make me a prude, and proud of it. But I'm prudish in the same way the Puritans were actually prudes, and not the way a great many Victorian hypocrites were: I have no problem with sex. Sex is good. God made sex for man and woman to enjoy. God also made marriage to be the proper way for sex to be expressed. I also know that sizable chunk of humanity tends to ignore that last part, and I understand that many feel such ideas are somehow "antiquated" and "irrelevant." I have no problem with reading books or watching TV where someone has sex outside of marriage as long as its still mostly under control and done tastefully. I may not agree with the writer's decision, and I may feel that they are sending an irresponsible message, but if the writing still shows the characters as comparatively decent and mature adults, I'll buy the product. So yes, My main issue with Catwoman was about the presentation, but one of my other issues with the DCnU as a whole is the more soap opera depiction of romance in Batman and Superman's comics. I do believe I'm the only one who has expressed something like that sentiment, so I'm the target for that comment, and I'm fine with that, and respect his opinion even if I disagree with it.

NOW, does anyone see something from this comic besides the sex scene that they would like to see in the movie? A lot of people have said that most of the time, Judd Winick has captured her voice. I'll admit, from the pages I skimmed through before the controversial scene, she had a nice amount of sass. I kind of like Chuck Dixon and Paul Dini's dialogue for her better, but I like a sassy Catwoman. Anybody agree with that?

Thanks, and God Bless.

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