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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by vernitagreen View Post
the question should be WHY NOT show it. not why it was shown. in that very same issue catwoman is clawing a guys eyes out yet you have absolutely no problem with that yet a scene with her having sex with batman disturbs you? sexuality is natural and it's been a part of catwomans character for centuries. scene was even E rated if you compare it to movie sex scenes.
The sex scene was bad because it was pornographic. Catwoman doesn't even know his real name, which isn't the smartest move either. The writer made a strong, beautiful female character into a desperate slave to her own lust. Which was somehow triggered by her apartment being blown apart.

Having Catwoman claw the eye out of a criminal, for a friend, doesn't compare .

Don't lie to yourself, the writer here didn't put the sex scene because it was "natural." Going to the toilet is natural as well, why aren't we getting any toilet scenes?

bad writing? did you even read the issue? judd winnick has done superbly on the catwoman series. both 1 and 2 are remarkable and perfectly display the raw unfiltered tone of the catwoman reboot. it seems to me you have no problem with violence being graphically displayed but a sex scene where no penetration and the people are fully clothed bothers you. yes very prudish. you asked earlier what did it contribute to the story? it contributed to us knowing the mindset of this new rebooted catwoman how she interacts with this batman basically treating him like a toy and discarding him after shes done with him. just like a cat. it wasn't meant to be a love scene it was meant to show how twisted and untamed her attraction for batman is and vice versa.
Yes. Because nothing turns a girl on more than having her apartment blown up.

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