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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

I'm on the side of those who don't understand the controversy.... I always assumed Bruce had sex with celebrities, supermodels, etc and as Batman (his true self) he loved and made love to several superheroes. I figured they just never showed it on a comic book panel or a cartoon show because, yeah, those shows are meant for kids. But even when Justice League/Justice League Unlimited was on the air, I figured Bruce and Diana (Wonder Woman) probably got it on once or twice. It's natural, human... especially when they fought alongside each other risking life and limb saving the world several times over. Two people with common goals who go through hell together form a bond unlike any other...and if there's sexual/physical attraction on top of it... oh forget it.. the sexual tension would be overwhelming and they would succumb to it.

Soooo... I always assumed Batman had sex with Catwoman, Talia, Wonder Woman... he may secretly fantasize about Poison Ivy... got it on with Barbara Gordon (in the Animated Series continuity)... and probably several others.

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