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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
I guess I just have a hard time accepting the idea of Batman as a sexually-active individual. So to see him engage in sex is weird for me.

Maybe I'm not up to date on my Batman comics, but he never really struck me as a character who would succumb to that particular desire - no matter how natural it may be. That's why I've always appreciated the sexual tension between Batman/Talia and Batman/Catwoman. He cares for them, but they're not exactly part of the plan. He's constantly waging war with himself when it comes to these women.

To open himself up like that to another human being would make him vulnerable. And that's not something he can allow.

But again, I could be completely ignorant here.
I think you are completely right. Great post.

But on another note, I think I'm also done with this discussion. I'm tired of being labeled a prude, a feminist (I'm male, btw), and someone who has an overly romanticized view of things. All this from folks who haven't taken the time to properly understand my argument, and instead have leaped to sterotypes of what they think I'm saying. Thankfully there have been a number of posters through the past pages that have understood me properly as well, so it isn't a total wash.

Have fun, guys.

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