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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

I just believe that Selina is a person who sees shades of gray and is ambiguous.
This is what makes her highly complex which can lead to her easily being misunderstood.

Deep down, she's a good person but makes mistakes. She definitely has her flaws just like everybody else does. Definitely Batman saw that she was a good person. He even found her confusing. He even asked her how she can disregard societal laws but yet casually risk her life to save others. This was in the issue where Joker revealed why he made Catwoman a killing magnet which including him saying that Batman and Catwoman are made for each other and that there is true love between them. Catwoman's gray approach to life challenged Batman's black and white perception of the world. She wasn't evil nor was she insane. This led to him not even really attempting hard to arrest her and turn her over to the police. He even helped Selina stay hidden after she was believed to be dead. He didn't want her to be killed nor arrested. Selina even asked him why did he help her, and he responded that she is a good person deep down inside and wanted her to see that. Of course, there was a strong connection between them. There was a strong mutual attraction between them that they tried to fight. Catwoman covered it up through her flirting and teasing. Batman covered it up through his discipline and reserve and his sense of duty. It was only until Catwoman reformed that Batman allowed himself to get close to Catwoman.

Selina is a very strong,independent woman, and she doesn't want to be dependent on anybody. She's been dependent on people before, and it led to some bad things. She definitely doesn't want to be controlled by others in any way. She definitely doesn't want to answer to any man. I actually see her as feminist type that has a disregard for the patriarchy because she doesn't trust it. There is corruption among the police and the wealthy.

The more I read the old Catwoman stuff and other things that explain about her, the more that I appreciate her as a comic book character and that she's far more than just TnA.
I'd like to see media that captures the real Catwoman.

I am hoping Catwoman is vindicated on the big screen. I don't want to see an evil, teasing Julie Newmar Catwoman nor a psychotic Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman. I certainly don't want to see some weird supernatural acting literally like a cat Halle Berry Catwoman who wasn't even Selina Kyle. I want to see the catburglar,jewel thief Catwoman who has a moral center and is attracted to Batman and doesn't kill just like she was originally created to be. I want to see the highly independent and intelligent woman that is hard to kill and capture. I want to see a woman that's sexual with her mind and not necessarily with her body. That's the real Catwoman.

I think Anne Hathaway will make a good Catwoman because she can play well in sexy roles (Havoc) and action roles (Get Smart). I don't let her Princess Diary roles and other nice girl roles keep me from thinking that she can't be Catwoman. She's shown versatility in her acting throughout the 2000's. Anne is a very intense person,and a lot of people seem to overlook that. It's that very intensity that leads to be very strong and sexual. Intensity tends to be subtle and something that's below the surface. There is much depth. She's a perfect example of that a book can't be judged by its cover. There is one scene in Get Smart where she got past electronic security. When I saw Catwoman doing that in The Batman cartoon, it reminded me of Anne Hathaway's Get Smart scene. I believe that Anne Hathaway will play a great Catwoman and help Catwoman be more popular. It looks like Chris Nolan is planning on Catwoman being an anti-hero who can handle high tech equipment.

As a person who has been wrong judged by people others based on impressions, I am not the type of person to do the same to others.

People thought I was weak and couldn't fight because I am very softspoken and have a pretty boy-like appearance.
They even mistook me for being a homosexual. I don't fit male stereotypes. Those experiences lead me to be a strong supporter of women's rights and homosexual rights. Under my soft,gentle exterior is an intensity that I have to keep in check. If I get angry, I can easily get out of control. I am for the most part, very reserved.

I was the type that was believed to be mentally retarded because of my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,ADHD. I actually have above average intelligence like many people with Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,ADHD. If it wasn't for special education therapies, I'd still come across to people as mentally retarded or autistic. Now..I come off as somebody that is just a little ditzy,spacy,odd, or Aspergers. Because of my experiences, I am neurodiversity advocate and I run a Developmental Neurodiversity Association facebook group.

I won't be surprised if Anne Hathaway proves people wrong. From what I read, she's working very hard on her role as Catwoman to the point that her intensity has gotten her a little carried away when she accidentally gave a stunt man a black eye and ripped through a lot of costumes because she puts a lot emotionally and physically into her acting. I saw photos of her fighting a guy on the bridge, and the intensity showed in her face.

I am not going to judge her based on her Princess Diary roles and other goody goody roles. If people judge her based on that, then maybe it shows that she such a believable actress that people pidgeon-hole and think that she's just that. However, she's been other roles too. She has versatility.

Man...I laughed when she was accused of being clumsy and not coordinated based on her Princess Diary roles. She looked very coordinated when she was playing Agent 99.

I can't wait to see Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the next movie.
I honestly believe that Anne Hathaway will steal the show.

I wouldn't want Angelina Jolie to play Selina Kyle/Catwoman because she's such an obvious choice. She's always known for having sex appeal. It would seem too cliche for her to play Selina Kyle/Catwoman.
With Anne Hathaway, you don't know what to expect. She has a lot of doubters. She will bring the unexpected.

One thing that really bothered me is how people had talked bad about Anne's looks. I even read a few people that said that she was ugly. I was confused by that. I always thought Anne is a beautiful woman. It may not be just her physical appearance but also her personality. I have looked at photos of her, and I see a lot of sex appeal in them. I see it definitely in her eyes. Some people said that she has Disney eyes. In pictures, her eyes seem like they are penetrating too. The intensity that she has shows through in photos. It does on the screen too.

She may not have D cup breasts, but she's definitely well-shaped. She has an ample bosom. I believe that she has a nice figure.

I have seen her get criticized for being thin. There are people that prefer Angelina Jolie, but she is rather thin. I don't get that.

I admit that it would have been nice to see a dark haired green-eyed gal cast as Catwoman. I always found that look very attractive. Jennifer Connolly is somebody that I would think think that would have been good if she was younger.

I also like Olivia Wilde. She looked great in Tron Legacy.
Carrie Ann Moss is another. I couldn't help notice that some of the Brubaker Catwoman drawings look like her. Carrie Ann Moss was great in the Matrix movies.

There is a lot of controversy about the Catwoman costume, but I am not complaining about it. I actually like the costume. It looks modern and high tech. She doesn't have to look like a dominatrix nor show any skin. I wish that she had a cowl , and I admit that I am a little disappointed about that. The Julie Newmar thing looks good. It's a classic. Anne's Selina Kyle looks classic too. I don't think the movie is going to fail because of Anne Hathaway and her Catwoman costume.

Catwoman's sex appeal wasn't just from her body. It was from the way she communicated and presented herself. Her intelligence and wit made her sexy. The mutual attraction that she has with Batman and their sexual tension are other factors.

Bob Kane said that he created Catwoman to be an antagonist and to play off the attraction between opposites.
He also created her for sex appeal and to draw in female readers.

Catwoman paved the way for many other female comic characters to be created ,and that even includes Wonder Woman. She was actually created before Wonder Woman.
Catwoman is definitely an iconic fictional female character.

I think of Catwoman as that shades of gray woman that can't be pinned down. That is what is what confuses,attracts,and repels the Batman who views the world in black and white. It's not just her teasing and flirting with him.

In the comics, Bruce Wayne/Batman referred to criminals as being superstitious and cowardly. He chose to dress like a Bat to put the fear in criminals.
I don't think that fits Selina Kyle/Catwoman. She certainly was never afraid of him. If anything, his dressing like bat made her more curious about him and attracted to him. Of course, her attraction to him went beyond the costume.

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