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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by KRIM View Post
Truthfully BB and TDK is the only time it has been implicit that Bruce is genuinely incapable of forming any type of real, romantic bond. Just going by the general timeline, I don't see any room for it. And Bale's performance certainly doesn't indicate it's there. I'd be interested to hear Nolan's thoughts on it. I've always suspected his tendency to shy away from sexuality in general has reflected on his direction for Batman. It managed to work since it's not a terribly integral element of the character. But it is interesting as almost every other iteration has at least referenced Bruce's many flings.
As you said, there hasn't been room for it. BB and especially TDK are so packed with story that if a true romance had been written in, it would have been done incredibly poorly and been a real weakness of the film.

Nolan and Bale's interpretation of a romantically immature Bruce Wayne likely worked best for what the plot in that timespan is capable of. And that's what I think it is - he's not necessarily incapable, just romantically immature, which certainly isn't unheard of for someone of his financial stature in his early 30's anyway.

And as for Wayne/Batman acting on his sexual urges, it's not a terribly important part of the character for me, so I'm not strongly opposed or in favor of the thought either way. It all depends on the interpretation. Like, I can't imagine Miller's TDKR Batman having a real intimate relationship because that Batman's really messed up. But other interpretations where Wayne is a little more grounded, I can see it.

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