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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
KRIM, I have to honestly disagree with some of your points, while I have to side with a few others. The thing about Batman is that he has indeed been portrayed as someone who is wiling to repress his own needs for the sake of the mission. He is, among other things, an almost pure pragmatist in the classical sense. Or at least, that's the way it has been portrayed since the Bob Kane days. Catwoman's character is always there to chip away at that extreme. It isn't about dismissing Batman's natural urges, it's about Bruce continuing to dismiss those urges on his own, it's a part of his characterisation.
All true, however even back in the early days of Bob Kane/Bill Finger, Bruce never failed to have a woman on the side. In 'Shadow of the Monk' he was juggling both Batman and an engagement to Julie Madison. When that ended, he moved onto other girls such as Vicki and Silver. So history hasn't shown a truly isolated Bruce Wayne. It's obvious his heart is penetrable, but it's keeping that relationship that's proven to be the obstacle.

As you say, the enticement to live a life with Selina makes their dynamic so interesting. But I'd go beyond that and say the desire to simply live and be happy, are the ultimate forbidden fruits. If Bruce were a pure pragmatist, there is no drama when he is faced with the decision to go after it. He would have already made up his mind and rejected it completely. But if there's a small part of him that thrives for it, then you create that cognitive dissonance which raises the emotional stakes.

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