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Default Re: IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movies

good list .

teeange mutantn inja turtles
iwatch it twcied a week. i know mostly all thewrods by heart. i enjoy the first andsecond one ididn't care too much for third expect it was about mikey. i like the first two more aabout rhlape. then in the song trutle power theey said ralphe is the leader which isworng. i do enjoy both move i even like tmnt a lot i like it beter then the thrid moive. i do enjoed the movie i got moest of thepsidoe of 1980s. it my favorti acartoon.

the rockteer
i liked the The Rocketeer ithink they should make squeal or reboot it

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
iwatch this movie all the time it based on the 1990s batmananmied sereis . i do like batman/suprman worlds finest. i got batman /superman public emnines.

batman beginsanddark night
i liked first batman beigns is the first one i enjoed the second one alot i if it didn't have the jokr i porbbley wouldn't watched it..ithink the dark nigth is over ratted. i do watch it a lot itmyfavorite batman moive. if it didn't have heath leadger as the joker i'll probbley wouldn't watched it.

x-men i ejoyed the x-men aa lot i don't like the thrid one much cettern parts i enjoedthe first one a lot i do like x-men 2. a lot. i enjjoed the wolrien movie a lot too im looking forwrd to the squeal of wolvrien and i did enjoed x-men first calssc theirmaking squeal for that one too.

iron man i enjoed ironman. ididn't care too much for ironman 2 . more iwatch it more i like it i hope the agvner adn ironman 3 does good

i like superman the movie a lot i enjoed the second one a lot beteri even like the third moive iknow most people don't sure it wasn't the best superman movie. it had it momnets. my favortie part where clark and superman fighting in the junk yardi like superman reetruns al ot it my faortie superman movie.

thor i like it a lot more then i thought i would inever picked up thor comic book only know him by the agnvers.

spider-man i enjoyed the spider-man movie i enjoed spdier-man 2 the first onei s my favortie ieven like the third spider-man nothing like the other two spider-man moives

capain amreica
i like this movie lot beter then thor. i plane on picking it up tomorow.

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