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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XVII

Originally Posted by vernitagreen View Post
pornographic? lmao i'm sorry i must have missed the panel where we see both bruce and selina's genitalia. this is softcore porn at best and even then it's pretty tame i doubt anyone could get off to those panels.

of course it does.It was a very graphic and extremely intense scene yet no one has a problem with it because by societies standards violence is ok but sex is a sensitive issue.

from this line alone i doubt you even read the issue. your probably like the countless haters who just read the sex scene at the comic shop. selina didn't sleep with batman simply because she was turned on. she slept with him because she wanted comfort sex. you may have never experienced that but sex can be used as a form of comfort after going through a stressful situation. does that demean catwoman? i don't think so. However even if it didn't it really doesn't matter. CATWOMAN IS NOT A ROLE MODEL. she never was and never will be. shes allowed to make mistakes or do "wrong" things.
Well said. Especially the bolded.

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