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Default Re: Will Natalie Portman reprise the role of Jane Foster?

I'd rather they do it accurately and have the tension come from Odin and not Sif. Although I do think they are missing something if they don't have Odin summon Enchantress to lure Thor away before she snaps and tries to have Jane killed.

I think its kind of funny that people say the romance in the first one was too rushed. We saw that they were attracted to one another and a kiss. We didn't get promises of eternal devotion. I think people expected something bigger in a super-hero movie when they were purposely keeping it low-key.

There were hints that they were something special like when Thor and Jane just stare at each other when she finds him like they've found 'it'. And the chemistry between them was a lot more intimate than the writing. But it was all set up for expansion later on.

I want more of this though:

And I'd also like Nat to cut her hair and I want the scriptwriters to show more of Jane's wit.


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