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Default Re: IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movies

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
*X2 ranking higher than Iron Man = teh fail
Personally, I like Iron Man more than X2.

*Road to Perdition ranking anything higher than 20 = teh fail (#6? really? WTF :/)
Road to Perdition was a really, really good movie.

*Batman: Mask of the Phantasm? Animated? Really? Jeebuz. If *anything*, Batman animated deserves Batman: Gotham Knight.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is vastly superior to Batman: Gotham Knight. As a matter in fact, I would rank Batman: Mask of the Phantasm #1.

*absence of Batman 89 (or any Burton film) = teh fail
Now this I will agree with you.

*absence of any version of The Hulk = teh fail
I can understand the first Hulk not being there. Although in my opinion, the Incredible Hulk is better than Thor.

*absence of The Incredibles = teh fail
This is a list of comic book movies. The Incredibles is not a comic book

*absence of MIB = teh fail
*absence of V for Vendetta = teh fail
Both of which horribly bastardized the material they were based on.

*American Splendor, Ghost World in top 25? = teh fail
Those are both highly acclaimed films.

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