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Default Re: IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movies

I have major disagreements with them.where are Batman,Batman
returns,X-Men,The Incredible Hulk?

I strongly disagree with X-Men first Class over X2 as best X-men film.

Thor and Captain America on list but no Baman,Batman Returns,X-Men,
Increible Hulk.Tim Burton's work payed the way for Chris Nolan films and all
dark animated films.X-Men revied the entire genre which Baman and Robin virtually killed.The Incredible Hulk Is best marvel studios film.I won't argue
with those saying Iron Man Is better but Thor anc captain America? Oh

SOrry but the donnor Cut Is the superior version of Superman II.

I wouldn't put any Spider-Man films so high on list myself.I had Issues with
Sam Rami's films before Spider-Man 3 came out.But,that Is my own personal tastes.Un like Thor,and Captain America I won't argue on their places on list
I can understand them on list but again leaving out Batman,Batman returns,X-Men,The Incredible Hulk and putting Thor and Captain America on It?That Is
fighting words.

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