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Default Re: Could Superman movies be realistic like the newer Batman films

The idea of realism, in a fictional context is, aside from the premise, do characters react as we would react. If a person finds out they're a baby from another planet, and can see through walls and such, what do they do with that. If the government finds out about this person, if a newspaper does, how do they react?

That's what Batman Begins got right. The premise, a rich man with all this training and gadgets, was all there, just as unrealistic as ever, but the decisions involved, from Lucius designing the tech, to Lucius giving him the tech, to him getting the training, to the people deciding to train him, to the villain attacking the city, it all made sense psychologically. There's abo****ely no "because that's the way it was in a prevoius incarnation" one-liner explanations, and so it was more real, because, aside from the sci-fi, we didn't have to be in a parallel world where people react differently to stimuli.

I don't see the problem with calling such versimilitude realism, even though it isn't realistic. It is inspired and referential to reality. There's no need to feed the misconception that realism must be realistic, or possible, is there?

I'm sure under Nolan and Snyder, Superman will have similar realistic motivations and the movie will have a heavy dose of realism. I think carrying that forward means that you cannot insert any old new premise just because it was that way in comics. I think all the alien threats will/should come form Krypton.

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