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Default Re: Captain America Easter Eggs Thread *Spoilers*

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
While watching the movie on Blu-Ray, its completely obvious that when Zola is packing away his papers, that he grabs a design of a humanoid. A good nod to the comics and maybe what can be in the sequel for Zola.

I'd be interested to know if the actor who played Zola was signed for multiple films, like most of the actors these days. I *would* like to see Arnim survive into the present in his classic weird robot form; but his last scene in the movie showed him captured and interrogated by Gen. TL Jones. So I'm wondering....if he *does* return in CA2, did he escape? Was he released at the end of WWII as a POW? Or did the SSR keep him and use him in a Werner von Braun sorta way to work for the US? (I get the impression Zola wasn't all *that* loyal to Skully, and frankly feared him and thought he had gone wayyyyy off the deep end.)


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