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Default Re: Catwoman/Batman sex in the comics

Originally Posted by Mister Meddle View Post
I also thought of this but I didn't think there were any wrestling fans in here. They received pretty harsh reviews for that. The only good thing about it was Lita's nipple slip (if you caught it) and Ric Flair walking in on them having sex, doing his crazy promo.
Haha, so true! I thought my comment would be lost here. But nice to see it wasn't (though to be honest, my response was that there wasn't -enough- graphic in there. WWE is a paradox these days - they're trying to embrace sex, violence and gore while at the same time repressing it with children-friendly ratings).

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
But you see, that picture above looks a lot classier than the Batman/ Catwoman sex scene in their costumes. Here they just look normal and natural like two people in bed. It doesn't look like erotic fan art where they have to say "hey look, it IS actually them - you can see their costumes". I have no problem with sex scenes like the above.
Exactly! I can't believe the consensus with anyone can be truly the FACT that sex was depicted in comics, it was against HOW it was depicted.

Though at the end of the day this is the greatest challenge to comics-critiquing; the stories are almost always unfinished before we respond to them: to this point we have no clue how this thing will turn out later in the story (i.e. whether in a meaningful way or not). Take that Catwoman short from the Year One dvd for example; it had it's fair share of graphic sexuality (though not sexual intercourse), but I don't hear anyone reeling against that. It had a purpose to it. Like Catwoman licking the holy hell out of Batman (and our young imaginations) in Batman Returns. This was pornographic for the sake of being pornographic. And badly pornographic at that.

Originally Posted by Mister Meddle View Post
Agreed. The Catwoman/Batman picture looks like something you'd find on Deviantart by a fan.


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