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Default Re: Captain America Easter Eggs Thread *Spoilers*

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
Obviously Zola doesn't survive that time lay over from WW2 to modern day.

So i would think that we see him in maybe flashbacks of the Winter Soldiers origin, and in current time with his humanoid body, with his face and "brains" permanently implanted in the humanoid to make him seemingly immortal over time.

That's what I mean....the Arnim Zola we know from the comics.

Speaking of Winter Soldier....anybody catch that nice bit of foreshadowing during one of the Howling Commando raids on a HYDRA base? Bucky laying up in cover with a sniper rifle....his scope covers Cap's head for a brief second before moving up to take out a HYDRA goon.

I got chills.


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