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Default Re: Bucky: Dead or Alive?

I think there's more than enough hints at Bucky returning as Winter Soldier....there's the hypnosis bit, but there's also a rather deliberate scene during one of the Commando raids on HYDRA where Bucky is aiming a sniper rifle at Cap's head (not, presumably, to kill him, but just to guard/overwatch him) before raising the scope a bit to take out a HYDRA thug.

*If* the Winter Soldier returns for Cap 2 or Cap 3, I strongly doubt it'll go exactly like it did in the comics. For one thing, Bucky didn't go down in the Atlantic, so you can't have a Soviet sub finding him and taking him in. But....I *would* suspend disbelief on a plotline that involves HYDRA finding Bucky's body in the Alpine gorge (within a few hours or so after the assault on the supertrain), taking him in, and continuing their mind-fracking. (Possibly by a young protege of Zola named Dr. Faustus....???) Then, suppose HYDRA goes underground after the war, but they use advanced cryogenics to keep "Winter Soldier" on ice as an amnesiac super-assassin....the rest of it follows the comics pretty much verbatim.


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