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Default Re: Why did Iron Man do so well?

Originally Posted by Blackheart View Post
In its opening weekend, it grossed $98 million dollars. Was Iron Man really THAT popular of a character from Marvel or was it because Robert Downey did such a damn good job portraying him?
From my point of view I've always thought Iron Man lame, I guess judging by his short lived cartoons in the past kind of reinforced that too, Robert Downey made the character cool for the first time, at least that's what I think, hell I even bought the DVD because of it but to this day I haven't picked up a single Iron Man comic, so yeah RDJ made the movie popular, if you had someone like Nicolas Cage who was rumored back in the 90's then it would've been awful.

I beg the question because a few months later, The Incredible Hulk only grossed $55 million in its opening weekend and I thought Hulk was the more popular character.
Hulk has always been popular but as it's been said in other threads the Ang Lee film was still fresh in peoples minds.

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