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Default Re: IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movies

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Oh no, not false info about a Spider-Man cartoon! They must not have any credibility!!!!

Seriously though, most people think BB is better than SM1. Which really isn't a bad thing; they're both good movies. If you think differently, that's great for you.

But don't think it's because they dislike Spider-Man or Marvel or something. Thats just dumb. And petty.
You may simply refer to various forum discussions on this very website to realize that majority of the people here don’t trust IMDB. It seems that the consensus on IMDB is: "IGNORE IT!".
In my humble opinion Batman Begins is the best Batman movie ever even better than the Dark Knight (which I don’t consider as even a decent superhero movie but a really great thriller) but it is not in the first Spider-Man's league and my discussions with many fans confirms this .

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