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Default Re: IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movies

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
I'm sorry, but you can't discredit IMDB and then try to say your personal conversations and other anecdotal evidence (click the link for the definition) is proof that people like Spider-Man more than BB. That's about as non-scientific a poll as you could possibly invent. That's just basic common sense.

Secondly, what upsets me even more, though, is your statement about TDK. Again, I"m sorry, but I've read numerous Batman comics that have matched TDK quite exactly in terms of tone and content. To say that that isn't a good Batman movie is just showing a lack of knowledge of the source material.

Thematically, TDK borrowed heavy from books such as:

Gotham Central
The Joker
War Games

All of which were extremely gritty and (mainly) realistic thrillers.

And it, quite obviously, directly borrowed plot elements from:

Batman #1
The Long Halloween
We obviously don't see much eye to eye!
But that's fine. Everybody is entitled to his/her personal opinion and I have respect for views different from mine.

But the fact that metacritic has more credibility than either IMDB or rottentomatoes is well-established. And I am ready to have a long detailed debate with anyone who thinks otherwise.

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