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Default Re: Mandarin discussion thread

Originally Posted by Shadowlord X View Post
I would disagree with some of this. The terrorist organisation 'the 10 rings' could be symbolicly named. The rings worn by other individuals (?; I only remember 1) could be replicas given to signify a position of some rank within the organisation. Neither of the ring(?s) seen have demonstrated any powers.

More than likely the Mandarin has the original 10 power rings which aid him in running this organisation.

I doubt IRON MAN comic fans would be happy with a Mandrain depicted without actual rings of tech power.
And I agree with all of that.
But that would give us a Mandarin who already has the rings, and would make Fin Fang Foom redundant and utterly unnecessary (in Avengers, IM, or any other film).

I just think that Favreau himself has hurt the chances of Mandarin showing up, with the way he set up the "Ten Rings" in IM1, and the fact that he's done absolutely nothing to reference Mandy specifically in either of his two IM films. The statute of limitations has run out, more or less; if Mandarin ain't in it yet, he ain't gonna be in it ever.


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