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Default Re: The New Ultimate DC RPG - Season II

Originally Posted by Spike_x1 View Post
Wayne's grunting in pain brings me back to the moment and the task at hand. He rises onto his hands and knees, exactly where he should be while in my presence, but unfortunately struggles to continue and rise further to slowly get back onto his feet. "NO!"

After blasting his head against the floor, I can see a large dark smear of blood at the point of impact. "I came to Gotham to take it from you and rule the night in your place, in spite of my hatred for this city and everyone in it. I have felt it grate on my soul since the very beginning." I slam his head back down even harder. The floor tile shatters beneath his head this time. "Much soul searching had to be done to reaffirm myself to this goal, but I finally did it. I am the bane of your existence and I have conquered all that is yours, Wayne! Gotham is mine and now I will end our rivalry by claiming your wasted life!"
Have to... keep...

Barely even have time to react as I feel the cape begin to wring around my throat. He lifts me off of the ground and keeps pushing on the attack, beating me within an inch of my life just as I try and spin in place for a counter strike. Hand's already numb and fractured, it's useless to me. Felt my ribs cave in with the kick that sent me into the bookshelf, it's getting hard to breathe. I try and jab the batarang I managed to slide from my belt at him, but he merely seizes it from my grip and weighs it in his hand, tossing it aside. It's almost as if he's mocking my resolve, laughing in my face without having to actually stop to do it. Because he sure as hell isn't stopping. He just keeps laying into me. Kicking at my chest. Stomping into my head. Backhanding me across the face and throwing me about the penthouse like I'm nothing to him. It's absolute hell to endure, and I know for sure that I've never felt worse in my life.

But I also know that if I give in, I'm going to die tonight. Bane's been driven to the absolute breaking point of his rage, watching me become this wreck of a man over the last few months. Letting my insecurities get the best of me. Watching me gradually begin to let down my guard. It's as much my fault that I'm in this position as it is his, even if he had some hand in the events tonight. I wouldn't put it past him. Suspected from the beginning that neither Nygma or the GCPD had that plan of attack in them. It required skilled methodology to isolate my own tactics from the equation. Run me down by turning my weaknesses against me. Infact, the more I think about, the more I'm convinced. All of this was his plan. And unfortunately... it's working.

Get up, Bruce. Get...

Blood begins to fly across the room as I'm tossed through several antiques in the main hall. Bane casually walks towards me as I try and struggle to get up, but I'm not so blind as not to see that it's all a futile gesture. He grabs me by the back of my neck and hoists me up by the strap of my belt, turning back to increase the momentum and tossing me into the air. I feel myself gain a sense of vertigo that suddenly stops as I crashland directly into a wine cabinet, destroying the front immediately. Bits of glass and splintered wood stab into me as Bane rips me from it and slams his forehead into my jaw. Nearly shatters under the impact.

"Ra's... told me..."

He seems to stop at the name, taking a moment to pull me closer. I simply inhale, gather up a blotch of the blood pooling in my throat, and spit it back out at his face. Then smile back, caught up in the delirium of my state of shock. I've taken far too much of a beating to fight back anymore. This poorly constructed lie is all that I have left to keep myself alive for just a minute longer.

"He thinks you're a failure."

"And he's right."

That sends him over the edge. I can feel his demeanor twist and turn at the uncertainty of my words, refusing to believe the truth in it all. Ra's never once spoke of Bane in my presence, but I had to think of something. And since he's so reliant on his approval, it seemed like the right lie to make. But my smile leaves me as Bane exacts his retribution, dropping me onto my feet and allowing me to stand, before mercilessly digging into my sternum with a series of roundhouse strikes that leave me absolutely breathless in their wake. I can even feel myself starting to black out at first, but Bane doesn't allow it. He simply grabs at my head and encapsulates it in one hand, staring me down with nothing more than heavy breathing as a reaction.

He's beyond angry. And though I thought the rage would leave him distracted and allow me to attack, it has the opposite effect. He's only become stronger. My eyes drift over to the study, where this struggle began, to see if Alfred's okay. I can see him beginning to move, but his eyes still haven't opened. He's alive, thankfully - but he needs to get out of here. As long as Bane is still in the penthouse, everyone is still in danger. I can only hope Harriet and Dick don't decide to come home.

"Is... Is that..."

I can barely say the words. Body goes numb. Eyes beginning to roll back into my head. He violently shakes me while I'm still under his grip, just to get me to finish the words off.


"Is that... all you've got?"

And then he angrily releases me. But rather than just let me crumple onto the floor, lifeless, what he does next takes me by complete surprise. Just as I'm still falling out of his grip, Bane lifts his knee and lunges his boot forward, connecting it as hard as he possibly can into my face. My entire body goes flying towards the glass doors leading out to the balcony. At first, I'm so disoriented that I don't even know if I've gone through. But a second later and I find myself rolling onto the concrete outside admist entire panes of shattered glass, with rain from the skies above dampening my open wounds. Lightning cracks across Gotham's skyline as he steps out onto the balcony with me, ready to end this for all that it's worth.


I can't fight him anymore. There's nothing left for me to do. No attacks left, no weapons. Definitely no energy. I don't even know if I have the will anymore.

He's won. Bane is about to be the one to end my life.

And there's nothing I can do but watch.

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