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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Short answer: probably not the right time.

*Edit: longer answer: keep in mind that the ten rings are already out there. We've already seen two of them, on the fingers of Raza and Obadiah Stane. If those rings had any powers at all, Raza and Stane would have used them.

And if Mandarin is the mysterious shadow broker behind the Ten Rings terrorist organization, he clearly has no interest in gathering those ten physical rings together himself, since at least two people are *known* to be wearing them.

And, if the ten rings are already here and in possession of Mandarin and/or the Ten Rings terrorist group, then Fin Fang Foom becomes redundant and is no longer needed in the Marvel Film Universe. (Which would shoot down the popular internet theory that the Avengers' "leviathan" is, in fact, Foom.)
I think it could work to say that the rings Raza, Stane, and Hammer were wearing were the Mandarin's actual rings. It would make sense that they couldn't use their power as they didn't have the psychic connection to them that the Mandarin does. Plus, I think it would sense for the Mandarin to hand them off to his lieutenants, in order for them to serve as his "eyes" so to speak to ensure nobody double crossed him as he'd be ready for it.

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