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Default Re: The RPG Concept Thread - 2011 Edition

I know it sort of withered and died due to lack of activity and my own numerous shortcomings as a GM, but......would anyone be up for a start-from-scratch reboot of All-Star Marvel?

I mean, Ultimate DC has been going strong since it rebooted, and I think ASM could benefit from a similar palette-cleansing. One of the big problems All-Star ran into was so many people grabbing up characters and dropping them immediately, and name-dropping tons of other characters as NPCs, so a lot of characters now had other people's fingerprints on them and other players couldn't come along and put their own spin on it. So if we went back to square one and opened everyone up to use again, maybe we could get a dedicated player-base going.

Plus, I just loved the hell out of playing Spider-Man and I'm seriously sad that I don't get to play him anymore.

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