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Default Re: The RPG Concept Thread - 2011 Edition

Originally Posted by Blacklight View Post I sensing another Spider-App free-for-all?

If we get more than three, the apps will be dismissed and the winner will be determined by a fight to the death.

As for All-Star Marvel, I dunno how interested I'd be at this point. I've got a plethora of Marvel plans for One Earth as of now. I'd say wait for a few months and let OE and WF get their feet under them and then see whether or not people are up for All-Star.

I really enjoyed the All-Star game, but I think there needs to be some penalties for picking up then dropping a character quickly (something I was guilty of, I'll admit). When there are so many origins thrown out so quickly it's touch to find a character to really grasp on to later in the game.

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