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Default Re: The Action Scenes

Originally Posted by Superhero 101 View Post
My favorite action scene was the airplane sequence where cap is on the mini plane and fighting the other dude who eventually gets thrown in to the plane fan. But overall i thought cap didn't have much action as i thought it would it could have been a lot better.
I agree that's the only scene to me that felt like it came out of a serial or Indy movie. When Johnston was making comparisons of CATFA to Raiders. I think that whats makes not only the action scenes but the film itself kind of disappointing. Although I did enjoy it as a popcorn movie but expected more from it. I just think the film didn't suceed on all depts. when compared to Raiders.

I agree with someone above who mentioned that the action scenes needed more grit. After all he is fighting in a war. When Cap and the Howling Commandos were shooting and running. You don't see who they were shooting at. Talk about playing it safe. You really didn't see them kill any soldiers. They left it to your imagination. It looked like there were no casualties. They mostly just demolished Red Skull/Hydra bases. I guess they thought they were going to offend people if Cap and the HC killed any enemy soldiers. That explains why they fought Hydra most of the movie. I'm sure people know that many soldiers died in WWII. Some have relatives who've fought and died there. Even the war that's still going on right now there have been many casualties. Forrest Gump had more casualties than this.

BTW, I don't have any problems with Cap. and the HC keeping some alive as POWs either. But I think they should've shown some casualties in some of the scenes. All we see is Cap and the HC shooting at something off camera. It's very tame. And makes it obvious that it was made for a montage sequence. And not extended and seperate scenes that had to be edited into the montage for time.

I also think they should've had a ten minute scene showing Cap. and the Howling Commandos on a mission. Like the scene in Predator where Arnold and his team were kicking butt and taking out a whole unit. Imagine Cap as Arnold in that scene where he lifted the jeep and caused it to crash into the rebel base. Then coming in and wiping them out. The movie definitely needed something like that. Especially to show what the Howling Commandos can really do. They didn't do anything that proves why Cap. chosed them for his team. Except escape from the Hydra camp or whatever. But Cap mostly had a hand in their escape.

It also would've been nice seeing Cap up against a tank. I know Hulk and IM have already done it. It also would be interesting seeing him use a variety of guns and weapons but then again he's a super soldier and doesn't really need them. So scratch that. I thought they made pretty good use of his sheild in this.

There's a lot of things I would've love seeing Cap. do action wise but I guess that's what sequels are for b/c they can't cram all that in one movie.

Overall I thought the action scenes for the most part were pretty average. Nothing special.

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