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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
The reason no reference is made in TDK to the events of Begins is because the story is self contained and the events of the previous film are irrelevant, even though it's a sequel. Rises will more than likely be the same.
Impossible. Batman is now a wanted fugitive for several murders because of Harvey Dent including the murder of Dent himself, who was broken by the Joker. The reason Batman took the blame is because "The Joker cannot win". He didn't want to let Joker break Gotham's spirit by letting them see what their precious White Knight Dent had turned into.

We've seen on set pics of Bane tearing up photos of Dent in public. We've seen that Blackgate prison was dedicated to Harvey Dent. We know they've filmed a massive chase scene between hordes of Cops and Batman on his BatPod. That's just the stuff people managed to snag on the days there was filming in public. Who knows what else is in the movie.

The events of Begins had no such major repercussions. I don't know why you're saying there was no reference to the events of Begins in TDK. There was several. Just none of them involved Ra's:

- Scarecrow
- Falcone being in Arkham
- Wayne Manor being rebuilt
- Bruce talking to Rachel about when she told him she would wait for him when he doesn't need to be Batman any more

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