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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

My thoughts:

I think Joker will get a mention, however, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he DOESN'T GET MENTIONED AT ALL.


Because after the events of TDK, I think it's more important that Harvey Dent is mentioned and recollected more so than the Joker. Batman-as-a-fugitive for Harvey's crimes is a plot hole that's not tied up. TDKR has to fix this; TDKR can decide to not mention the Joker and be completely fine.

Based on spoilers and speculation, I predict Ras, Dent, Bruce's parents, Scarecrow, Rachel, Bruce's past, will all get mention... but the Joker is a 50/50 shot. Based on the news/spy pics/etc, I don't see a necessity to bring up the Joker.

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